20:00 Philharmonie Berlin
20:00 Konzerthaus Berlin

Philippe Herreweghe

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Symphony in C major KV 551 ("Jupiter")

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Mass in C minor ("Great Mass")

Philippe Herreweghe


Katharina Konradi


Eva Zaïcik

Sopran 2

Ilker Arcayürek


Mikhail Timoshenko


Collegium Vocale Gent

Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin

C major, C minor

It was named after Jupiter, the greatest, the Roman Zeus, by those who came after him, that C major symphony of the “late”, i.e. then 32-year-old Mozart, which is as admired as it is enigmatic. Philippe Herreweghe, with the RSB for the first time, literally tears open the heavens with the symphony, which is followed by another wonder from Mozart’s pen. Composed in Salzburg in 1782, unfinished, and later used by Mozart as a musical quarry for the secular cantata “Davidde penitente”, the Mass in C minor is nevertheless characterised by an inner radiance and lyrical sublimity that elevates it to the rank of an indisputable masterpiece. Its gesture is due, among other things, to Mozart’s fascination with Handel and Bach, composers whose works he came to know and appreciate at length in Gottfried van Swieten’s house in Vienna.

Concert introduction: 7.10 p.m., South Foyer, concert introduction by Steffen Georgi

Concert introduction: 7.10 p.m., Ludwig van Beethoven Hall, concert introduction by Steffen Georgi

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