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Chamber music

Musical Dialogue – On the Charm of Chamber Music

In addition to the symphony and family concerts, the members of the Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin can regularly be heard in smaller formations.

Chamber music adds valuable nuances to the musicians’ daily routine, allows RSB members to be dramaturgically active themselves, and is in many ways an enrichment for the musicians and the audience.


The RSB’s chamber concerts are a testament to ingenuity and individuality – regarding the atmospheric, unusual venues and in terms of the programs put together by the orchestra members, which hold many a rarity in store. This season, our musicians will be performing at Ballhaus Wedding, the former silent movie theater “Theater im Delphi”, and Kühlhaus Berlin.

With imaginative programs and in various instrumentations – from the classical string quartet to mixed instrumentations with wind instruments – the musicians find themselves together in chamber music ensembles.

Ballhaus Wedding

Theater im Delphi

Kühlhaus Berlin

Chamber music concerts