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Passing on the traditions: Professionals will train the young orchestra musicians

They are between 11 and 20 years and already play on the big stages and festivals, such as in the Golden Hall of the Vienna Musikverein or in the Kölner Philharmonie, at the Festspiele Mecklenburg-Vorpommern or at Young Euro Classic in Berlin: The orchestra members of the Deutsche Streicherphilharmonie regularly astonish the audience with their high qualifications and their playing skills. The intensive work of the lecturers from the Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin with the individual sections ensures the characteristic, exceedingly homogeneous string sound of the ensemble, which has been under the artistic direction of principal conductor Wolfgang Hentrich since 2013.

The participants qualify through an audition, to which the DSP regularly invites. Some RSB members have once played in the youngest German selection orchestra themselves – this is how the tradition between these two official sponsor orchestras officially certified by the Jeunesses Musicales has been passed on for almost 50 years.

 “You could almost say at a DSP concert: The little RSB string players are playing.”(Volkmar Weiche, RSB cellist)

Tradition for the future

When the members of the Deutsche Streicherphilharmonie come together from all over the Federal Republic of Germany six to seven times a year to rehearse together and then go on a concert tour, they work as in a professional orchestra. Since its founding in 1973, this elite orchestra has been training highly gifted young string players in orchestral playing. The regular section rehearsals, which are conducted from the beginning by lecturers from the RSB and precede every overall orchestra rehearsal, are unique in the work of the youth orchestra. With this intensive work, the sponsors from the RSB set standards for their potential future colleagues and contribute to ensuring that the high quality of musical education in Germany is a priority in the professional orchestras.

During their six-year training period in the DSP, the young musicians learn how an orchestra, the interaction, and a friendly cooperation in the professional field works. The exquisite concert venues where the DSP performs and the outstanding soloists with whom the orchestra plays are also highly motivating for the “apprentices”. The long tradition of this demanding outreach work pays off: Many former members of the DSP have earned positions in the best orchestras in Germany.

Deutsche Streicherphilharmonie © VdM Verband deutscher Musikschulen e.V.
Deutsche Streicherphilharmonie © VdM Verband deutscher Musikschulen e.V.

Education for diversity

Not only the members of the Deutsche Streicherphilharmonie benefit from the continuous work of the artistic management team of RSB lecturers and chief conductors. As part of the regular rehearsals and concert tours of the DSP through Germany and Europe as well as to foreign countries, workshops and concerts are held in which musicians from the DSP and from the host country share the podium. Valuable musical impulses are rendered possible in this way. The invitation to talented young foreign orchestra musicians to participate in a regular working phase of the DSP in Germany is another building block in the versatile placement-related work with a broad reach.

Through public workshops and rehearsals, many children and adolescents can reach the audience. Often, they are so enthusiastic about the skill and enthusiasm of the same age DSP members that it inspires their own musical education. In the concerts of the Deutsche Streicherphilharmonie, a new format of children’s and family concerts is planned to attract even more young people in the future.

Further information

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Mentors of the Deutsche Streicherphilharmonie

Kosuke Yoshikawa © Robert Niemeyer

Kosuke Yoshikawa

Associate Principal
1st Violin

Anne-Kathrin Seidel

2nd Violin

Lydia Rinecker

Principal Viola

Volkmar Weiche

Associate Principal Cello

Axel Buschmann

Double Bass