Family & School Concerts

Tubadur in concert

7 years and older

When young listeners have outgrown Rapauke, Tubadur continues to accompany them through the world of music. In addition to the family concerts with the large orchestra on 27 November and 19 February, the RSB also offers concerts in a chamber music setting for children of primary school age with the format “Tubadur in Concert”. The Tubadur programmes are partly based on the Rapauke concerts that precede them. Even if your child is of an intermediate age, you should choose either Rapauke or Tubadur.



E.T.A. – a jack-of-all-trades

A legal scholar who draws and paints, even writes fairy tales, and plays and novels? And who also composes and conducts music?

Such a person was Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann (he took the first name Amadeus himself out of admiration for Mozart), born in Königsberg in 1776 and died in Berlin in 1822.

Now the figures such as Kater Murr, Klein Zaches, Undine, Nussknacker, Mäusekönig return and music is heard that brings Hoffmann’s figures to life with the help of Juri Tetzlaff, but also music that he composed himself and, last but not least, music that brings us closer to the mysterious storyteller as a person.

Partner: Berlin State Library

The Firebird

Composer Igor Stravinsky became world famous in 1910 with his orchestral music for the ballet The Firebird. His exciting music traces ancient sagas from the composer’s native Russia.

It tells of the mysterious Firebird, Prince Ivan and the evil sorcerer Kaschtschej, and of course of love. Presenter Malte Arkona and his companion Mezzo join the RSB in bringing the fairy tale characters to life.

With Malte Arkona & Juri Tetzlaff


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Information about school concerts

Location:  Haus des Rundfunks Masurenallee 8-14, 14057 Berlin

Duration: approx. 60 minutes

Tickets: 5 € per person (two free tickets per class for accompanying persons)

The concerts are suitable for children of primary school age.