20:00 Philharmonie Berlin, Kammermusiksaal

Vladimir Jurowski conducts “The seven last words”

Joseph Haydn

"The Seven Last Words of the Savior on the Cross" Hob XX:1
Original version for orchestra (1785)

Between the individual movements by Haydn, short contemporary orchestral works by composers from current war and crisis zones as well as selected texts will be heard.

Vladimir Jurowski


Nadzeya Karakulka

Belarussisches Cymbalom

Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin

Klaus Lederer


Haydn Reflection

The famous work by Joseph Haydn, which deals with the last words of Jesus Christ on the cross, was originally composed for orchestra in 1785. In six slow movements (and an “earthquake”), the highest hardships to which a person martyred to death can feel exposed are set to music. On the one hand, the timeless power of this music hardly needs the words of the Bible to be understood; on the other hand, it invites us to relate to Haydn’s work in the here and now.
Vladimir Jurowski has invited six composers to each compose a short orchestral work that fulfils this task. At the same time, the six new works speak of the immediate needs of their authors. For all six are based in countries where war or serious political crises are currently raging: Ukraine, Iran, but also Belarus and Russia. In all six cases, artistically responsible people reflect their personal concern by taking an emotionally moving stand against injustice, war and violence.
The musical pieces are complemented by selected poetry.

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A recording of the concert can be heard on Deutschlandfunk Kultur on 04.04.2023 8.03 pm.

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