19:30 Haus des Rundfunks

The radioeins storytelling concert – “The Magic Mountain”

Meike Rötzer tells the story of Thomas Mann’s novel. This is accompanied by music mentioned there and related to it.

World literature – told with sound

In the evening at the bar, someone tells great stories:
Adventure, drama, entanglement, love, wisdom, humour.
The radioeins storytelling lounge has been creating exactly this situation since 2023. The actress and author Meike Rötzer tells in her own words what she has gleaned from the most productive of all. The radioeins storytelling lounge
now becomes a radioeins storytelling concert thanks to the RSB! The literary radio format takes to the live stage, musically enhanced by the large symphony orchestra and suitable works from Gustav Mahler to Maria Herz (!). Thomas
Mann’s cult novel “The Magic Mountain” is itself an invitation.

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