14:00 Humboldt Forum

Micro concert at Humboldt Forum Berlin

Darius Milhaud

"La cheminée du roi René" - Suite for brass quintet op. 205

André Jolivet

Cinq Incantations pour flûte seule, Pour une communion sereine de l’être avec le monde

James Tenny

"Timbres" for 4 instruments

André Jolivet

Cinq Incantations pour flûte seule, Pour que la moisson soit riche qui naîtra des sillons que le laboureur trace

In the anniversary season of the Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin, chamber music ensembles of the RSB will perform for the first time at the Humboldt Forum. The musicians return to the historic venue where the RSB has performed several times in its past at the Palace of the Republic. Inspired by the collections and exhibitions, micro-concerts will be played.

The performances by RSB members will take place during opening hours, admission is free.

The programme will be announced here and on the Humboldt Forum website shortly before the event.

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