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Thu 2 June 2022 - 7.30 pm | Kühlhaus Berlin

Summer harmony at Kühlhaus

Chamber concert

Summer announces its arrival with a variety of fantastic works

Chamber concert from € 20 with prior mindfulness exercise


Jean Sibelius String trio in G minor

Zoltán Kodály Intermezzo für Streichtrio

Ernst von Dohnányi Serenade für Streichtrio C-Dur op. 10

Pierre-Max Dubois Quartet for horns in F

Christer Danielsson “Konsertant Svit” for solo tuba and four horns

“Shared reflections” for four horns

Gunther A. Schuller “Perpetuum Mobile” for four muted horns and solo tuba

Anton Bruckner Andante for organ in D minor, WAB 130, arranged for four Wagnertubas and solo tuba


Susanne Herzog - Violin

Gernot Adrion - Viola

Hans-Jakob Eschenburg - Violoncello

Dániel Ember - Horn und Wagnertuba

Anne Mentzen - Horn und Wagnertuba

Ingo Klinkhammer - Horn und Wagnertuba

Felix Hetzel de Fonseka - Horn und Wagnertuba

Fabian Neckermann - Tuba

Summer harmony in cold storage

String trios, in contrast to quartets, even quintets, are rare in music literature since 1750, except for the baroque and late baroque trio sonatas. After Mozart’s fantastically beautiful Divertimento K. 563, it took more than 110 years for a heavyweight of the genre to garner attention: the String Trio (1903) by Ernst von Dohnányi. Not Beethoven, nor Brahms, but Dohnányi deserves the credit for having laid a milestone here – even if the aforementioned can be heard here as well-meaning bystanders in the background. The Intermezzo (1905) by Zoltán Kodály follows promptly on the heels of his Hungarian compatriot.

The second half of the program had already been proposed by hornist Felix Hetzel de Fonseka on behalf of the RSB’s horn section in 2019; twice in the past the concert had to be cancelled due to the pandemic. However, the focus is not directly the horn, but the warm, singing and modulation-rich tone of the… tuba. Fabian Neckermann, solo tuba player of the RSB, will know how to fit elegantly into the ensemble of four horns, especially when the four turn to their second instrument for a Bruckner adaptation: the Wagner tuba.

Mindful experience of music

We would like to invite you to dive into inner worlds for a few minutes right before the concert begins.  Appropriate mindfulness exercises help relax the mind and body, sharpen the senses, and feel boundlessness.

Concert tickets for € 20 are normally available in the RSB visitor service; the mindfulness exercise is included in the price.

Here you will find information: Mindfulness exercises before chamber concerts

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Thu 2 June 2022 - 7.30 pm Kühlhaus Berlin