19:30 Kühlhaus Berlin

Summer harmony at Kühlhaus

Chamber concert

Jean Sibelius

String trio in G minor

Zoltán Kodály

Intermezzo für Streichtrio

Ernst von Dohnányi

Serenade für Streichtrio C-Dur op. 10

Pierre-Max Dubois

Quartet for horns in F

Christer Danielsson

“Konsertant Svit” for solo tuba and four horns

Gunther A. Schuller

“Perpetuum Mobile” for four muted horns and solo tuba

Anton Bruckner

Andante for organ in D minor, WAB 130, arranged for four Wagnertubas and solo tuba

Summer announces its arrival with a variety of fantastic works.
At the beginning of the concert we invite you to open yourself to the music with a short mindfulness exercise, to relax your mind and body and to sharpen your senses.
Concert tickets at 20 € are regularly available at the RSB Visitor Service, the mindfulness exercise is included in the price.