Fri 10 June 2022 - 7.30 pm | Haus des Rundfunks

Mensch, Musik! #4 Wanderer

Kevin John Edusei

Die neue Konzertreihe Mensch, Musik! im Großen Sendesaal des Hauses des Rundfunks


Werke von Gustav Mahler, Franz Schubert u.a.


Kevin John Edusei - Dirigent

Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin

Katrien Baerts - Sopran

N.N. - Bassbariton

Marion Brasch - Konzeption und Textrezitation

Neil Barry Moss - Szenische Einrichtung

Konzert mit

Kevin John Edusei is the conductor of the fourth concert in the new RSB series “Mensch, Musik!” The charismatic musician was born in Bielefeld in 1976. He explores the migratory movements that has driven people around the globe for millennia. The search for new living environments is always preceded by leaving familiar surroundings. This act of uprooting is not limited to flight and migration, but can affect anyone who finds his or her own living conditions unbearable. This is the point of departure for the musical programme that Kevin John Edusei has developed especially for the RSB concert: fascinating music and texts from different epochs and genres that sometimes clash fiercely, sometimes ally in spirit with two wanderers par excellence – Gustav Mahler and Franz Schubert. Marion Brasch is our guide and director Neil Barry Moss makes the evening shine. In restlessness lies undreamed-of power.

Mensch, Musik!
“Mensch, Musik!” is the new series consisting of four concersts in the Large Broadcasting-Hall (Großer Sendesaal) of the Haus des Rundfunks, that, trhough music and interdisciplinary artforms, deals with the pressing issues of the society of today. More information here


John Edusei Kevin © Marco Borggreve

Kevin John Edusei


Katrien Baerts


Marion Brasch

Marion Brasch

Konzeption und Textrezitation

Neil Barry Moss © Thomas Jauk

Neil Barry Moss

Szenische Einrichtung

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Fri 10 June 2022 - 7.30 pm Haus des Rundfunks

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