Valery Tscheplanowa - Recitation

Valery Cheplanova, born in 1980 in Kazan, Russia, spent her early childhood in Russia. She came to Germany at the age of eight and lived mainly in Kiel. At 17, she went to Dresden to study dance at the Palucca School. At the Ernst-Busch-Hochschule für Schauspielkunst in Berlin, she took puppetry in 1999 and after three semesters switched to acting, which she completed in 2005.

As a student, she already appeared on stage at the Deutsches Theater in Berlin, where she was a permanent ensemble member until summer 2009. As a theatre actress she has performed at Schauspiel Frankfurt, Residenztheater München, Berliner Ensembles and Volksbühne Berlin. There she worked with Dimiter Gotschew, Jürgen Gosch, Frank Castorf, Michael Thalheimer, René Pollesch, Andreas Kriegenburg and Ulrich Rasche, among others.

Film viewers know her from productions by Dominik Graf, Andreas Dresen, Christian Schwochow and others.

Valery Cheplanova currently lives and works in Berlin.