Stefan Kaminski - Narrator

Stefan Kaminski © Jeanne Degraa

Stefan Kaminski, born in 1974, living in Berlin, started his career as an actor and freelance-speaker in 1996 on the radio. The variety of his voice allows him to participate in numerous productions to this day both studio and live. After his education at the Academy of Dramatic Art “Ernst Busch “, Berlin he developed his qualities as an actor at the Deutsches Theater Berlin until 2015, working with inspiring directors like Dimiter Gotscheff and Jürgen Kruse. His deep, grotesque and tragicomic live-radio-drama-one-man shows were created during these theater years as well – under the name Kaminski ON AIR. They went on tour through theaters, operas and clubs in Germany ans abroad. For the tetralogy “The Ring of the Nibelung” he won the “German Record Critics’ Prize“. Hundreds of audio books, radio plays and, not least, the dubbing voice of Kermit, the frog in „The Muppets“ (since 2012) are playgrounds for his voice.

In 2020 an enriching artistic relationship between Stefan Kaminski and the RSB began with a radio concert where Stravinsky’s “L’histoire du soldat” was performed. In spring / summer 2021, Stefan Kaminski will perform two more concerts with the RSB – again with works by Stravinsky as part of the Stravinsky Festival of the orchestra.