Samaquias Lorta

Samaquias Lorta is an interdisciplinary artist who focuses on mental health and ecological thought. The natural relationship between these two ideas provides a fertile landscape for exploration. Through his work, Lorta often rounds back to how the use of technology and DIY performance techniques can provide revealing insights or solutions. Although Lorta will frequently create visual components that accompany his investigations, the central aspect of his practice is sound performance and design. His work can span many spheres – loud yet intimate. He uses sound to explore both fine detail and bigger picture, seamlessly telling stories through audio.

Lorta utilises various immersive technologies such as Sound Particles, Max/MSP, and VCV Rack to create interactive live performances. His use of immersive tools includes ambisonics and binaural audio rendering, AR Installation, and multisensory experiences. By focusing on these tools, he is able to combine innovative storytelling with DIY solutions for artistic expression. Lorta creates and utilises motion detection instruments to create audio assets through movement of performers, for example in SEGUIR EL CURSO DE UNA ACCIÓN EN PARTICULAR – made with choreographer Areli Moran. His binaural work in the soundwalk at Herzberg Museum transports audiences through both the history and storytelling of a historic hospital.

For Lorta, immersive is equivalent to contemporary. Using these modern instruments is meant to demystify accessible technologies while challenging our understanding of traditional. His practice creates audio assets, sonic branding, and interactive compositions for various creative productions including animation, NFT collections, spoken word, theatre/dance, sound walks, and film.

Lorta relishes in collaboration and he never misses a chance to creatively connect. His collaborators include Poera, Spencer Mirabal, OIIA, Machina Infinitum, EMME, etc with support from Amplify Berlin, Eufonia Festival, Catalyst Institute, HZT Berlin, and more.

His educational background includes Cello Performance and Music Composition at Boise State University. In 2020 Lorta finished his bachelor’s in Electronic Music Production and Performance at Catalyst Institute. The culmination of years of studies has enabled Samaquias to create live performances with both acoustic elements and electronic instruments. His education also reinforced ideas of storytelling and creative design which inform his current explorations.

Samaquias is currently based in Berlin.