Samaquias Lorta

Samaquias Lorta is an interdisciplinary artist working on mental health and ecological thinking. In his work, he often draws on how the use of technology and DIY performance techniques can provide insightful insights or solutions. Although he often devises visual components, the central aspect of his practice is sound performance and design. He uses sound to explore both fine details and larger contexts, seamlessly telling stories through audio.
Samaquias Lorta uses various immersive technologies to create interactive live performances. He uses motion detection tools to create audio assets through the movement of performers. His binaural work for the Soundwalk at Berlin’s Herzberg Museum takes the audience through the history and narratives of a historic hospital.
For Lorta, “immersive” is synonymous with “contemporary”. By using modern tools, he aims to demystify accessible technologies while challenging our understanding of tradition. His practice produces audio assets, sonic branding and interactive compositions for various creative productions including animation, NFT collections, spoken word, theatre/dance, soundwalks and film.
Samaquias Lorta never misses an opportunity to network creatively. This has resulted in numerous co-productions with support from Amplify Berlin, Eufonia Festival, Catalyst Institute, HZT Berlin and others.
His educational background includes cello performance and music composition at Boise State University. In 2020, he completed his Bachelor’s degree in Electronic Music Production and Performance at Catalyst Institute. His education has strengthened the ideas of storytelling and creative design that inform his current explorations.