Paulina Greta

Paulina Greta is a Berlin-based artist, creative director and Ph.D. candidate in the Human Computer Interaction field. She uses her practice to explore the intertwined relationships between technology, art, the concept of space and human perceptions. While her projects are both theoretical and practical in nature, the topic she focuses on is the evolution of storytelling within transmedia, interactive and immersive environments. Her practice spans installation, performance, film direction, augmented and virtual reality. Through her work, she analyses changes to our visual language, norms and culture over time.

Her works have been featured internationally at venues and multimedia festivals across Europe, North America and Russia. This includes Atonal Berlin, Macro (Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome), Milan Design and Fashion Weeks, festivals in Chile, Netherlands, Russia.

Greta’s personal project Imaginaria often uses multi-screen displays with characters that morph through different aesthetics, moods, and storylines. She is also an active member in two Berlin-based art collectives GhostRaum and Subterranean Matters. Ghostraum is a collective of creative practitioners combining skills and sensibilities for the exploration of technologies through immersive art and sensory experiences. Subterranean Matters is an artistic collective investigating through the lens of new technologies the land, the soil and the infrastructures. Themes regarding time, memory and human impact are our main topics of interest.

Paulina teaches Technological Arts at Catalyst Institute for Art and Technology in Berlin. In the VFX course, she teaches students how to investigate new creative tools and processes through coding and critical practice. She embraces the challenge of guiding students through newborn technologies while consistently using a narrative lens.

Paulina is currently based in Berlin.