Osama Abdulrasol

Osama Abdulrasol © Sofie De Wulf

Osama Abdulrasol is a composer, producer, qanunplayer and visual Artist. He was born in Babylon (Iraq). He studied eastern music, the qanun (Arabic lap harp) and the Oud in Iraq, western music (classical guitar) in the UK. He is the winner of the Belgian cultural prize 2013 in Gent. He wrote music for several projects, for film, for symphonic orchestra for big band, theatre, and more. He arranged and produced music for and performed with different musicians from different backgrounds. Arabic, Jazz, classical orchestra, strings quartet, experimental, Indian, Turkish bands and many more. He performed and toured almost everywhere in the world with the philharmonic orchestra of Antwerpen (de Filharmonie), the Flemish Radio Orchestra, Goran Bregovic, the Dutch Metropole Orchestra, Brussels Jazz Orchestra, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Lucilla Galeazzi, Claron McFadden, Roby Lakatos, Babylon Orchestra, Konrad Koselleck Big Band , Tom Robinson, BJ Scott and many more.