Natalie Katharina Ilona Szende

Natalie Katharina Ilona Szende studied Musicology and Cultural Anthropology at the
Humboldt University Berlin. During her studies, she worked as a curatorial assistant for the
interdisciplinary project Montag Modus at the intersection of performing and visual arts, due
to which her interest in contemporary performance art intensified. In her hometowns,
Budapest and Augsburg, she has been active in music and acting from an early age – in the
latest production of the Berlin-based ensemble Shakespeare Reloaded she played the role of
Romeo. The production was invited to The Dell in Stratford-upon-Avon by the Royal
Shakespeare Company in August 2022.
Since September, she has been pursuing an Electronic Composition program at the Catalyst
Institute for Arts and Technology and participates in the collaborative initiative Hyper:Synth
with the Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester. On the common ground between classical and
electronic music, whose principles and possibilities the artist explores, Szende debuted with
her electroacoustic compositions in November 2022 as part of the Vocantare Chamber Choir’s
concerts conducted by Tobias Walenciak. She made her solo debut at this year’s CTM-Vorspiel
with the performative composition Cave Waltzes for piano, voice and live-electronics.
Natalie’s compositional approach is to create a synthesis between sonic, (inter)human and
spatial elements, also by fusing the acoustic and electronic spectrum, manifesting in cinematic