Die Fixen Nixen

“Die Fixen Nixen – Der Chor” was initiated in 2001 by Uschi Keil, the managing director of the agency for screenwriting, directing, acting and camera “Above the Line, Berlin”, as a choir for women from media professions. Today, women from other professions also lend their voices to the choir. Among other things, “Die Fixen Nixen” have made it their mission to further develop the song repertoire for women’s choirs.

The repertoire of “Die Fixen Nixen – Der Chor” is very diverse. Contrasts are part of the programme: from Renaissance and Baroque pieces to pop. From German and Georgian folk and lullabies to barbershop songs and modern composers such as the Belarusian Oxana Omelchuk and the Finn Einojuhani Rautavaara.

The artistic director of “Die Fixen Nixen – Der Chor” is Ralf Sochaczewsky. He works internationally as a choral and opera conductor and regularly collaborates with the London Philharmonic Orchestra, the Konzerthausorchester Berlin and the Romanian National Radio Orchestra Bucharest.

About “Die Fixen Nixen” he says: “The Nixen, that is energy, that is stage presence and charisma. Each mermaid (Nixe) is an inspiring person with her own exciting voice. It is a special task for me to bundle this individual power and form a wonderful choral sound out of it.”