Björk © Santiago Felipe

It should be common knowledge that concerts by Björk are actually ALWAYS a spectacle. Because jus about anything can happen. Brain-bursting visuals, instruments you have never
seen in your life, outfits that look as if they were not designed in Paris, but two light-years behind Venus.

After Björk’s most elaborate stage performance to date, “Cornucopia”, she will embark on a tour in 2021 “Björk Orchestral”. In contrast to Cornucopia’s elaborate stage production, the Icelander will concentrate on the acoustic string arrangements of her previous works on this tour.

It happened every now and then in Björk’s amazing career that she performed with a classical orchestra. Her “Vespertine” tour at the beginning of the 2000s already featured over 50 orchestra musicians, the electro duo Matmos and a harpist. In 2017, she reduced the electronic part of her music briefly to zero and played a fantastic show in the Walt Disney Concert Hall with the Los Angeles Philharmonics.