RSB & the Voluntary Social Year in Culture

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How is the Voluntary Social Year structured?

The FSJ Kultur has a relatively simple structure. It begins on 1 September and ends on 31 August of the next calendar year. During this time, the FSJKler:innen work full-time in cultural institutions such as museums, theatres, opera houses, libraries, cultural administrations or orchestras in many different areas of activity.

The volunteers receive a monthly allowance as remuneration for the work they do and receive pedagogical support from their supervisors at the placement site, where specific goals are set and development discussions are held. In addition, the volunteers are covered by social insurance during their work at their placement sites. They are also entitled to child benefit if they are under 25 years old.

In addition to their daily work, volunteers have 25 seminar days, which are divided into an information and familiarisation day, a closing event, three educational seminars and an elective seminar. In addition to the project report, a final report is also submitted, in which the volunteers are supposed to reflect on their Voluntary Social Year in Culture, their experiences and their skills.

In addition, FSJKers are entitled to 26 days of leave during their year, and it is also possible for them to observe other volunteers in different volunteer workplaces.