Tom Zips

Tom Zips © Tom Zips

Tom Zips grew up in a prefabricated housing estate in Berlin-Marzahn.  He found his adopted home at the age of 18 in Brandenburg’s Brisetal near Bergfelde. There he began to pursue his musical passion and initially wrote his first songs on his own in the field of rock music. He later took guitar and singing lessons, which also made his songwriting more pop music orientated.

During this time, Tom Zips was a full-time industrial clerk and worked very successfully in marketing in the Berlin advertising industry for over 10 years. In 2020, he turned his passion into a profession and founded the charity songwriting project ‘Hr. Bluse & Die Muse’, in which he dedicates songs to people in need.

Tom Zips released his first debut single ‘Menschenkind’ under his own name in April 2024, which thematically stands for more peaceful solutions in human diversity.