Ossagrosse (b.1995) is an Italian artist who navigates the world of art with a distinctive perspective—they ‘fish’ for ideas in what they fondly refer to as ‘the new collective consciousness pool’. Their work spans across still images and videos made in collaboration with AI. Ossagrosse uses recurring visual elements to create a body of work in which every piece is part of an overarching narrative. With to a background in visuals and sound given by the MSVM course at Catalyst Berlin, the video works show a combination of AI and traditional techniques, pushing the boundaries of the practice. Their work has appeared on Red Eye, Fisheye, Artribune, Les Inrockuptibles and in the book Spells:Pioneers by Max Kuwertz. Ossagrosse is currently part of Fellowship.xyz, a roster of artists coordinated by Alejandro Cartagena who curated, alongside the artist Niceaunties, Ossagrosse’s collection called “Downscale”, as part of the group exhibition Post Photographic Perspectives III. “Ossa” is currently living in Berlin.