Natalia Ponomarchuk - Conductor

Natalia Ponomarchuk is one of the most demanded orchestra conductors in Ukraine.

She is the Chief Conductor of Kyiv Chamber Orchestra of National Philharmonic of Ukraine. She was Artistic Director and Principal Conductor of Dnipro Academic Symphony Orchestra of Dnipro Philharmonic of Ukraine since 2003 to 2020. Ms. Ponomarchuk has also served as the Conductor of National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine (2009-2011).

In addition to these positions, Natalia frequently appears as a guest conductor with National Odessa Philharmonic Orchestra and Lviv Academic Philharmonic Orchestra “INSO- Lviv”. She served as the conductor of National Ensemble of Soloists “Kiev Camerata” in 2007-2009. Natalia has also conducted performances at Ukrainian international music festivals: “Kiev Music Fest”, “First Performances of the Year”, “Kiev Summer Music Evenings”, “Youth Music”, “Contrasts”.

Ms. Ponomarchuk had numerous appearances as an orchestra conductor in all major Ukrainian cities.In addition to her work in Ukraine, Ms. Ponomarchuk has frequently toured, as a guest conductor, throughout Europe, with performances at the following halls: Teatro Real (Madrid, Spain), Auditorio Nacional (Madrid, Spain), Teatro Zarzuela (Madrid, Spain), Palau de la Musica Catalana (Barcelona, Spain), Teatro Colon (Coruna, Spain), Queen Sophia Palace of the Arts (Valencia, Spain), Conference Centre and Concert Hall (Bilbao, Spain), Kursaal (San-Sebastian, Spain), Auditorio de Galicia (Santiago, Spain), Teatro Monumentale (Lisboa, Portugal), Casa da Musica (Porto, Portugal), Sala Verdi Conservatorio (Milan, Italy), Congress Hall (Warsaw, Poland), Thessaloniki Concert Hall (Greece), The Presidential Symphony Orchestra Concert Hall and Choir Buildings, Bilkent Concert Hall (Turkey) etc.

Recently, Ms. Ponomarchuk appeared as a conductor with the following orchestras: Orquestra Sinfonica do Estado do Espirito Santo (Brazil), Istanbul State Symphony Orchestra, Bilkent Symphony Orchestra, Presidential Symphony Orchestra (Turkey), Thessaloniki State Symphony Orchestra (Greece), Chongqing Philharmonic Orchestra (Chine), Estonian National Symphony Orchestra, Lithuanian National Symphony Orchestra etc.

Throughout her career as a conductor, Natalia made numerous audio and video recordings, both in Ukraine and abroad. She served as a conductor at Ukrainian National Radio Company in 1996-1998, with broadcasts on Ukrainian radio and TV. Also, Ms. Ponomarchuk has audio and video recordings on Polish Radio. Natalia appeared in concerts with many internationally renowned soloists, among them: Dmitry Sitkovetsky, Sergei Nakariakov, Vadim Rudenko, Alexander Knyazev, Qian Zhou, Benjamin Schmid, Lukaš Vondraček, Florian Eggner, Laszlo Fenyo, Denis Severin, Otto Sauter, Simonide Braconi, Leticia Moreno, Dominique De Williencourt, Valery Sokolov, Alexey Semenenko, DimaTkachenko, Alexei Grynyuk. Ms.Ponomarchuk is highly regarded by professional musicians. Yevhen Stankovych, one of the foremost contemporary Ukrainian composers, wrote the following words about her: “Although Ms. Ponomarchuk is relatively young, she has already achieved the level of a world-class orchestra conductor. Her conducting style is defined by strong discipline, powerful energy and the ability to deeply understand creative ideas in the music of past and present. That’s why every contemporary Ukrainian composer wants his/her orchestral music to be conducted by Natalia Ponomarchuk.”