LUX:NM © Vincent Stefan

LUX:NM contemporary music ensemble berlin is an ensemble specializing in contemporary music that has made a name for itself through its authentic and energetic interpretations. The idea to form an ensemble made up of several soloists originated with Ruth Velten and Silke Lange in 2010, with the intention of realizing self-created and versatile chamber music programs with a flexible group of instruments.

As an ensemble without a conductor, LUX:NM devotes itself to performing contemporary music and, at the same time, considers itself to be an initiator of contemporary music. By intensely working together as an ensemble, new extraordinary projects are made possible where electronics and visual concepts naturally find their place in the development of programs. In addition to performing already existing compositions, the ensemble’s musicians make a strong effort to initiate new works and include them in their repertoire.

As in-demand chamber musicians, who have also received awards at international competitions, the ensemble’s instrumentalists can regularly be found performing on major concert stages and as guests in contemporary music festivals, including Warsaw Autumn, World New Music Festival, MaerzMusik, Infektion! Festival for New Musical Theater, Festival de Música contemporánea Chile, Eight Bridges: Music for Cologne, Ultraschall Festival, GroundSwell, and Hear this now! Canada.

In compiling diverse programs, the ensemble places an emphasis on illuminating different thematic aspects of contemporary music, which include Fluxus reloaded (F)LUX:NM (in 2015 in cooperation with the Berlin State Opera), HOME SWEET HOME – a staged concert project (in 2015, IM FOKUS/LUX:NM Production), Aaron S. (in 2016, a multimedia opera by Sławomir Wojciechowski), Diary, Random and Pickles (in 2016, a music performance by Pierre Jodlowski), and Dark Lux (in 2018, an audio piece with music by Gordon Kampe).
In 2017, the album LUXUS was awarded the German Record Critic’s Award (Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik) and was placed on their List of the Best.