Hannes Hölzl - Principal Trombone

Hannes Hölzl was born in 1987 in Bad Hofgastein, Austria (province of Salzburg). After his musical education started with playing the recorder, he switched to the tenor horn at the age of 5. At the age of 10, he additionally received trombone lessons from Goldegg music school teacher Gernot Pracher. Later he studied at the renowned university “Mozarteum” in Salzburg with Prof. Dany Bonvin.

In the years 1998 to 2000 Hannes Hölzl passed the performance badges of the Austrian Brass Band Association in bronze, silver and gold, all with “excellent success”. Furthermore, he was successful in numerous international competitions: starting as winner of the competition “Prima la musica”, receiving the 2nd prize in Cordoba, Argentina as well as the 1st prize at the “European Solo Champion” in Montreux, the 4th prize at the International Brass Competition in Markneukirchen-Germany, the 4th prize at the “Città” competition in Italy, the 4th prize at the “Città” competition in Italy, the 4th prize at the “Città” competition in Italy, the 4th prize at the “Città” competition in Italy, the 4th prize at the “Città” competition in Italy. Prize at the competition “Città di Porcia” in Italy, 2nd Prize at the “Prague Spring”(1st Prize was not awarded), where he also received the “Gustav Mahler Prize” as the youngest finalist of the whole competition and the “Prize of the City of Prague” as the most successful finalist of the trombone competition. He was also awarded the 2nd prize at the International Trombone Competition in Budapest, also he received the Promotional Prize of the Vienna Symphony Orchestra.

Hannes Hölzl is a member of various brass ensembles and performs as a soloist with different brass and symphony orchestras at home and abroad, including China, America, Tunisia, Czech Republic, Italy, Switzerland, Germany….

At the age of 18 Hannes Hölzl began his career in the great symphony orchestra with the Gustav Mahler Youth Orchestra. In the same year he won a 2 year internship with the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra. During this time Hannes Hölzl gained his first permanent position at the Mainfrankentheater Würzburg, which he took up at the age of 21 as solo trombonist. Since 2012 he is now solo trombonist of the Rundfunk Sinfonieorchester Berlin.