19:30 Haus des Rundfunks

Mensch, Musik! #7 – Cities Land (in) Oceans

Claude Debussy

“La Mer” – Three symphonic sketches for full orchestra

Krzysztof Penderecki

“Threnos” – Den Opfern von Hiroshima” für 52 Streichinstrumente

Dai Fujikura

“Akikos Tagebuch” für Klavier solo (Kadenz von “Akiko’s Piano” aus dem Klavierkonzert Nr. 4)

“The Insects Became Magnetic” for orchestra and electronics”

Sarah Nemtsov

“Tikkun” für Streichorchester mit Perkussion und Zuspiel

Roderick Cox


Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin


Konzept und szenische Einrichtung

The RSB is committed to making music not just for its own sake, but explicitly for people, including those who have had little ear for classical music and symphony orchestras. To this end, the orchestra invites artists who are able to reach our senses beyond hearing with images, texts and optical visions. Directing team “tauchgold” together with students, tutors and alumni from Catalyst, a higher-education institute for creative arts and technology based in Berlin’s Funkhaus, unite creative practices, disciplines, genres visions from diverse artistic and cultural backgrounds.

Under the direction of three young conductors, the RSB will consciously step out of the “normal” concert business to raise burning questions musically.

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