14:00 Gärten der Welt

Walking concert Gärten der Welt Berlin

Boris Filanovsky

Arkhitekton Lambda fu¨r Orchester und Publikum in Bewegung

Paul Hindemith

Kleine Kammermusik für fünf Bläser op. 24 Nr. 2

Benjamin Britten

“Metamorphosen nach Ovid” für Oboe solo

Joseph Haydn

Streichquartett D-Dur op. 64 Nr. 5 Hob III:63 (“Lerchenquartett”)


Thomas Jahn


Kurt Weill

“Mack the Knife” aus “Die Dreigroschenoper”

Thomas Jahn

“Slow Fox”

John & Paul Lennon & McCartney


Thomas Jahn

“Bossa Nova”

Thomas Jahn

“Valse Boston”

Chris Hazell

“London Catwalk”

Gabriele Bastian


Rudolf Döbler


Gudrun Vogler


Barbara Pflanzelt


Sung Kwon You


Anne Mentzen


Enrico Palascino


Rodrigo Bauzá


Gernot Adrion


Georg Boge


Jonathan Bucka


Simone Gruppe


Uwe Holjewilken


Edgar Manyak


Jörg Lehmann


Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin

On Pentecost Sunday, the Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin will swarm out into the countryside to make music in the open air in the Gardens of the World.
The park not only offers a refuge for flora from all over the world, but is also a charming place to recharge your batteries musically on a personal walk between the continents.

In addition to a work by Boris Filanovsky, which is literally composed for a passing audience, various ensembles of the orchestra, spread across the extensive grounds, create small musical oases, sometimes entertaining, sometimes contemplative or as if from another world.

The concert is included in park admission.


Boris Filanovsky „Arkhitekton Lambda“
At the “Gräserband” crossroads next to the “Promenade Aquatica” water gardens
Approx. 2.00 – 2.35 pm

About the piece:

Arkhitekton is the general name for three-dimensional cubist abstractions developed by Kazimir Malevich. Malevich labelled them in Greek letters and regarded them as a three-dimensional version of the “movement of painterly masses and planes”.

In a spatial composition, the listener is usually either at the intersection of sound streams or has to move from one isolated sound object to another. Here, however, the orchestra appears as a complex body of sound that cannot be heard in its entirety from a single point, so that the listener has to move around and gradually change the acoustic focus. The result can therefore hardly be described as a musical work; here we are dealing with a kind of analogy to the “movement of painterly masses and planes” that I have tried to unfold in time and sound.

Paul Hindemith “Little Chamber Music for Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Horn and Bassoon op 24 No.2”
In the flower theatre
Approx. 2.45 pm & 3.25 pm (15 min. each)

Benjamin Britten „Metamorphosen nach Ovid“
In the Chinese garden by the stone boat
Approx. 2.45 pm & 3.25 pm (15 min. each)

Joseph Hadyn „Lerchen Quartett“
In the Renaissance garden
Approx. 3.05 pm & 3.45 pm (20 min. each)

Brass Quintet
Meadow next to the Japanese Garden
Approx. 3.05 pm & 3.45 pm (20 min. each)

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