20:00 Konzerthaus Berlin

Vladimir Jurowski

Friedrich Goldmann

Sinfonie Nr. 1

Kurt Weill

Konzert für Violine und Blasorchester op. 12

Igor Strawinsky

“Jeu de Cartes” – Ballettmusik

Kurt Weill

“Die Sieben Todsünden” – Ballett mit Gesang für Solosängerin, Männerquartett und Orchester

Vladimir Jurowski


Christian Tetzlaff


Katharine Mehrling


Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin

Männerquartett des Vocalconsort Berlin

The world is a gambling casino

Jurowski, Tetzlaff, Mehrling and the RSB indulge in sin. The sin of offering music for self-reflection that is much more than pleasing entertainment. All the more so because it is capable of pleasing, even fascinating. Even the old Verdi knew: Tutto nel mondo è burlà. Sometimes one with the (hell) fire, that of the compulsion to constantly increase money, for example, Stravinsky, Weill and Goldmann add. In “Jeu de Cartes”, playing cards are traded. A joker constantly interferes. But instead of bringing luck, he causes confusion, disturbs like a little devil. He also seems to be breathing down Weill’s neck when he pits the violin against the wind orchestra, and even more so when Weill and Brecht confront us with the bigoted relatives of Anna, the heroine who is accused of the seven deadly sins by her own family. Friedrich Goldmann can easily keep up with this, with jazzy motor skills, impressionistic freedom and bold 70s drama.

Concert introduction: 7.10 p.m., Ludwig van Beethoven Hall, concert introduction by Steffen Georgi

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