19:30 Kühlhaus Berlin

Chamber concert Kühlhaus

Alexander Zemlinsky

"Humoresque" for wind quintet

Darius Milhaud

"La cheminée du roi René" - Suite for wind quintet op. 205

Jonas Kern

Linear Cycles 01
Meditational Improvisation for 2-21 Musicians
Fassung für Bläserquintett und Live-Elektronik

Paul Hindemith

"The little electric musician's favourites" - Seven pieces for three trautoniums, arranged for oboe, clarinet and bassoon

Compositions for one to five acoustic wind instruments and electronics

Benjamin Bacon

Gesture Contours I-III, modular score (graphic) for acoustic and electronic instruments

Grgur Savic

"ETERNAL FORCES OF SAVIGNY'S PRIME", Digital-animated graphic composition

Kurt Weill

Songs from "The Threepenny Opera" - arranged for wind quintet by Alan R. Kay

Jonas Kern


Rudolf Döbler


Gudrun Vogler


Miriam Kofler


Anne Mentzen


Christoph Korn


Cheerful games about the fundamental foundations

How do we maintain our composure and sense of humour in the face of imminent catastrophes? The question is aimed at a survival strategy not only for mankind, but for nature as a whole. It is always topical, and it seems to be especially so today. It was no less topical in 1939. One of the man-made disasters, the Second World War, was imminent. Four compositional heavyweights from the first half of the 20th century make their mark in today’s concert, two of them directly from 1939. Two others “play” with listeners’ expectations in the 1920s – and again in the 2020s. The “roaring twenties” were the birth of radio in Germany and thus also of the Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin. The orchestra celebrated its centenary in the 2023/2024 season. Today’s chamber concert with works by Zemlinsky, Milhaud, Weill and Hindemith, among others, summarises four composers who are directly connected to the history of the orchestra – at the time as interpreters of their own works. In addition, the concert once again provides food for thought for the future of radio and concert music in the anniversary season: analogue music, literally created by living breath, meets digitally synthesised music created with the help of computer technology and electricity, brought in by RSB cooperation partner Catalyst – Institute for Creative Arts and Technology. Are the two worlds able to interact with each other? What role do creative people play in this?
You are welcome to find out!


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