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Thu 14 October 2021 - 7.30 pm | silent green Kulturquartier


Chamber concert

Three outstanding string quartets by Ben-Haim, Schulhoff & Beethoven open the 2021/2022 chamber music season

Chamber concert from € 20 with prior mindfulness exercise


Paul Ben-Haim Streichquartett op. 21

Erwin Schulhoff String quartet No. 1

Ludwig van Beethoven Streichquartett a-Moll op. 132


Erez Ofer - Violin

Nadine Contini - Violin

Alejandro Regueira Caumel - Viola

Hans-Jakob Eschenburg - Violoncello

Musicians of the Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin


The RSB’s 21/22 chamber music season begins in liberating fashion. For the first time, four concertmasters and string principals of the Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin form an “ensemble of the first desks” (Hans-Jakob Eschenburg), which opens the evening with Paul Ben-Haim’s early string quartet from 1919. Paul Ben-Haim was born Paul Frankenburger in Munich in 1897 and emigrated to Palestine in 1933. This is followed by the String Quartet (1924), composed over three movements in a manner that is as folkloristically rousing as it is brash and modern, by Erwin Schulhoff, a German-Czech who was later sent to his death by the Nazis at Theresienstadt. At the end of its last (slow) movement, the solo viola intones an extinguishing heartbeat….

May the ethos set to music of Beethoven’s great A minor string quartet, with the Heiligen Dankgesang eines Genesenen an die Gottheit (holy song of thanksgiving) in the Adagio movement, finally and definitively bring people to their senses. It might even help them move on from the pandemic.

Mindful experience of music

We would like to invite you to dive into inner worlds for a few minutes right before the concert begins.  Appropriate mindfulness exercises help relax the mind and body, sharpen the senses, and feel boundlessness.

Concert tickets for € 20 are normally available in the RSB visitor service; the mindfulness exercise is included in the price.

Here you will find information: Mindfulness exercises before chamber concerts


Erez Ofer


Nadine Contini


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Thu 14 October 2021 - 7.30 pm silent green Kulturquartier

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