Catalyst – Institute for Creative Arts and Technology

Catalyst – Institute for Creative Arts and Technology is an international creative learning institute on the site of the former Funkhaus Nalepastraße, once the largest radio complex in the world.

The extensive facilities, including 30 recording and production studios for music and film, provide a wealth of opportunities for the development and creation of innovative forms of electronic music production and performance, audio production, sound engineering, film production, screenwriting, sound for film, visual effects, digital art, animation and acting. Catalyst’s advanced education model is based on project-based learning to deliver BA and MA degree programmes that meet the rigorous requirements of a UK university. In September 2023, Catalyst will be a second home to 550 students, 800 alumni and 50 tutors from 80 nations. Catalyst and the RSB will continue their partnership, which focuses on the role of human-technology interaction between established and contemporary art institutions. The aim is to develop new works of art, promote interdisciplinary collaboration and realise advances in music education. “Our partnership creates a breeding ground that fuses the strengths of both approaches into an exciting new direction for classical music.” says David Louis Puttick, founder and director of Catalyst.