Neue Vocalsolisten

The seven concert and opera soloists, ranging from coloratura soprano via countertenor to black bass, view themselves primarily as researchers and  discoverers. To pave the way for new discoveries, they are involved in constant exchange with both established and young composers to research new sounds, vocal techniques and forms of vocal expression. In the last 20 years, this has resulted in a rich, highly virtuosic and repertoire of vocal chamber  music that is unique in the world. This involves a particular emphasis on current music theatre, which incorporates the resources of electronics, video and concept art more than ever before.

Naturally, interdisciplinary discourses are thus a part of the ensemble’s work. This includes visual art, literature, film and performative formats as much as  connections to traditional music. Against this background, the Neue Vocalsolisten have established the genre of vocal chamber music theatre with works by Georges Aperghis, Carola Bauckholt, Luciano Berio, Luca Francesconi, Lucia Ronchetti, Oscar Strasnoy, Claude Vivier and others.

The group collaborates with leading specialist ensembles and radio orchestras, major international opera houses, the independent theatre scene, electronic  studios, as well as numerous festival organisers and concert series for New Music all over the world. In recent years, the ensemble has attracted   international interest with music theatre productions such as Freizeitspektakel by Hannes Seidl and Daniel Kötter, Aura by José‐Maria Sánchez‐Verdú or the “video concert architecture” Mediterranean Voices by twelve composers and the video artist Daniel Kötter, dealing with twelve artistic identities from  twelve Mediterranean countries. Dieter Schnebel’s music theatre work Utopien, Nikolaus Brass’s Sommertag and Simon Steen‐Andersen’s Buenos Aires  were tailor-­made for the Neue Vocalsolisten and have formed part of the group’s repertoire since their premieres in 2014, as have music theatre productions by Annelies Van Parys (Private View), François Sarhan (La philosophie dans le boudoir), Katharina Rosenberger (tempi agitati) and Christoph Ogiermann (Inner Empire).

2018 sees revivals of Utopien and Buenos Aires, as well as a new production for the Operadagen Rotterdam (Annelies Van Parys, An Archive of Love). And  at the 2018 Munich Biennale, the singers will premiere five works of chamber music theatre by Clara Iannotta, Kaj Duncan David, Frederik Neyrinck, Lam Lai, Wilmer Chan and Saskia Bladt. In 2018, the Neue Vocalsolisten will give premieres of over 30 works. Tours will once again take the singers all over  Europe, and also to New York and Tel Aviv.