Gina Lo

Gina Lo is a Taiwanese-born sound artist, field recordist, and performer, based in Berlin. In her current research of her projects, she explores the triangular relationship between environment, ambience, and humans through live performances and spatial sound installations. Gina’s eclectic process involves electroacoustic instrumentation, field recordings, vocal performances, and custom designed synthesizers to create an ever changing and unique sound-world. The Artist’s connection with nature is strongly linked to her past experiences, She grew up on an subtropical island, and lived most of her adulthood in a state of travel in between East Asia and SouthEast Asia. During these travels the artist resonated particularly with a remote and untouched island in Southern Cambodia. There she would live a very simple off-the-grid life between the jungle and the ocean. In these periods of retreat from urbanized society, Gina would spend months observing the behavior of animals and of the elements of nature, these observations then developed into an aesthetic and experiential basis for the artist’s sonic and spatial research.