Tuning In – Meditation

Scientific studies in recent years have demonstrated numerous positive effects brought about by mindfulness, meditation and body-spirit techniques. They can also contribute to a deeper experience of music, as RSB concert visitors may find during this season.

In keeping with the season’s theme of natural habitats, meditative preparation for some concerts invites visitors to sensitize their inner world:
How do we perceive our own intellectual and emotional processes during a concert?
What part do our bodies and breathing play when we are listening to music?
What does it feel like to experience music from the inside, through the body?

In half an hour of practical exercises, the various meditation teachers will convey a straightforward approach to careful listening and perception – as inspiration for the subsequent concert.

The exercises are not linked to any religion, spirituality or specific cultures, but provide methods for exploration of one’s own consciousness and the sharpening of perception. The events are suitable for the inquisitive, both beginners and the more advanced, and there is no need to wear specific clothing.

Tickets for the Meditation

  • 10 €
  • Up to 30 concert visitors can participate.
  • Tickets are allocated to date of booking being received.

To reserve your ticket by telephone,
please ring +49 (0) 30 203 987 15
or by emailing: tickets@rsb-online.de