Tubadur im Konzert

For children from 7 to 10 years of age

Since the 2018/2019 season, the RSB has been offering its own format in order to get to know the world of music and the different instruments even better. “Tubadur im Konzert” picks up where “Rapauke macht Musik” stops for the younger children.
Tubadur, the elder sister of Rapauke, takes the young listeners on two exciting adventure trips this season. In November, they will work together on a construction project, whereas in March they have to guard against spiders and their webs.

The two Tubadur concerts in the JugendKulturZentrum PUMPE in Berlin-Mitte together with the family concert “Aşkım Beethoven” (Beethoven, my love) with TV presenter Juri Tetzlaff on February 23 in the Großer Sendesaal (large broadcasting studio) of the Haus des Rundfunks are available under the Tubadur subscription, which you will get for € 24 at the RSB visitor service.

TICKETS: The “Tubadur im Konzert” subscription series for 2019/2020 is no longer available.

When placing a purchase order, please provide an e-mail address so that we can send you the important information before the two Tubadur concerts.

For a Tubadur subscription, choose your fixed concert day and time (allocation 120 seats each):

two dates each Saturday, 3 pm
(02/11/2019, 28/03/2020)
two dates each Saturday, 5 pm
(02/11/2019, 28/03/2020)
each combined with the family concert on Sunday, 3 pm

Rest of the tickets are available in retail sales at € 10 in the RSB visitor service.

Important note: The Tubadur programmes are musically part of the previous Rapauke concerts. Therefore, it is not recommended to buy both a Rapauke and a Tubadur subscription for one and the same child, even if it should be between the two formats in terms of age. Please choose one of the concert series for each child.

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