Season 2019/2020

b o u n d l e s s

We invite you on a breath-taking musical journey over  mountain trails and through idyllic valleys, along existing borders and across former borders. These metaphors combine our past season devoted to nature with our new season, which has the motto “boundless”.
Every living thing, every animal, every plant recognises and accepts boundaries. Human beings, too, constantly encounter them – stable, physical, inwardly felt, determined by convention, culture, and tradition. But human beings distinguish them to overcome them. They succeed and this happens, on a small and a large scale.

All events in turn find their echo in art. Every shift in boundary in history was recorded by the artists of the time, sometimes reflecting, sometimes advancing ahead as the avant-garde.

The RSB and their chief conductor and artistic director Vladimir Jurowski dedicate themselves to the motto “boundless” in their third season together. In doing so, they want to call boundaries or asserted boundlessness into question, remind of audacious border crossings in the history of the world and music, and try to shift your own boundaries a little bit together with you, the public. Worlds of topics between life and death, reality and fantasy, individual and society will be unveiled here.

You will find the diverse programme of the RSB at a glance in our concert calendar.

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Civic engagement –
Bündnis der Bürgerstiftungen Deutschlands (Alliance of Community Foundations in Germany)

In line with the seasonal RSB motto “boundless”, the RSB is cooperating with the Bündnis der Bürgerstiftungen Deutschlands (Alliance of Civic Foundations in Germany) in the 2019/2020 season – in joint events, attention will be drawn to three community foundations as examples. More information and dates for joint projects and events can be viewed online during the season.

Find out more about the cooperation with the Bündnis der Bürgerstiftungen Deutschlands.

the diverse programme of the RSB

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