School tours, school workshops and rehearsal visits

RSB-Schulworkshop © RSB
RSB school workshop © Robert Niemeyer

RSB school tours

Continuing this season, RSB musicians will be coming to classrooms and school auditoriums in Berlin and Brandenburg to perform chamber music. They will perform music from different eras up close and personal, introduce and demonstrate their instruments, and give presentations about their work. Appropriately to each respective age group, the music will be put inserted into non-musical contexts or accompanied by a variety of participatory activities. The school tours are offered for various age groups and will take place this season as part of the “Orchestral Explosion” tour week from 22nd to 28th March 2021.

RSB school workshops

In preparation for the family and school concerts of Der blaue Vogel (The Blue Bird) in January 2021, musicians of the RSB offer workshops for pupils in years 1-6. From autumn onwards, small musical offerings will be planned and implemented together, which will then be presented on the big stage in January.

Information and registration for the KlassiKlasse, school workshops and school tours:

Musical education for the RSB

Isabel Stegner
tel 0151 206 526 25

Visits to rehearsals for school classes

School classes also have the opportunity to visit the orchestra in their rehearsal room in Masurenallee. Interested teachers can invite individual RSB members to the school in advance, where they present their instruments, report on their daily work and prepare the class for visiting the rehearsal in terms of content.

Information and registration:

schools representative of the RSB

Rudolf Döbler
tel 0173 64 42 369

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