School concerts

Knack die Nuss – The RSB KlassiKlasse 2020

Malte Arkona © Nikolaj Lund
Malte Arkona © Nikolaj Lund

The exciting and entertaining quiz format with Malte Arkona is aimed at young pupils from 3rd year upwards. Classes from years 4-6 can sign up as active participants. Together with so-called “godparents” from the orchestra, they will prepare for the challenge of competing for the trophy of the “RSB KlassiKlasse 2020” at the grand finale on the 7th December in the rbb “Sendesaal” (Broadcasting Hall). They will not only answer the quiz questions about music, but perform their own musical bit.

The quiz is suitable for third year upwards.

Target group for active participation: Years 4-6


This concert was cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

„Der blaue Vogel“ (The Blue Bird) with Juri Tetzlaff

Juri Tetzlaff (c) Peter Gwiazda
Juri Tetzlaff © Peter Gwiazda

A tale about two siblings who are sent by a fairy to search for the “blue bird”. The two children enter a mysterious world full of talking animals, plants and things, and at the end of their journey learn the true meaning of happiness.

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„Der blaue Vogel“