A music fairy tale for Namibia

Emma Primary School

In March 2022, members of the RSB continued a special project: the project “A Music Fairy Tale for Namibia” was conceived to support a music school for educationally disadvantaged children founded in Namibia in 2016, the Youth Orchestra of Namibia (YONA).

In March 2022, musicians from the RSB performed Prokofiev’s “Peter and the Wolf” at 13 schools in the greater Windhoek area. The aim of the first phase of the project was to give educationally disadvantaged children their first encounter with musical instruments.

More than 6000 children were reached in the concerts. The children were allowed to try out the instruments themselves and could register with YONA to learn the instrument they wanted.

Rehoboth Schools
Rehoboth Schools
Jan Moehr School
Jan Moehr School

In the second phase, the children will invent a Namibian fairy tale based on Prokofiev’s model. The best fairy tale will be used to create a counterpart to “Peter and the Wolf” with a Namibian composer. As soon as the composition is finished, members of the RSB will perform the “Namibian Fairy Tale” in Windhoek in the third and final phase and can experience the result of their creativity with the children.

The first phase of the project took place within the framework of the exchange programme “20 years of town twinning Berlin-Windhoek”, whose sponsor is the German-Namibian Society.

The project was promoted and supported by: Lotto Foundation Berlin, Youth Orchestras of Namibia (YONA), Namibian National Symphony Orchestra (NNSO), German Embassy in Windhoek.

Children’s opera Hijangua in the Humboldt Forum