Listening In – A walk with bird-song

Foto Rotkehlchen
Rotkehlchen © Frank Hecker

They warble, carol, click, whistle, drum and belt out their songs to sweet talk their partners, to triumph over rivals in love, to warn against adversaries in the search for food, and even to mourn: birds are great virtuosi.In order to get to know some species better, interested visitors can take a walk together with bird experts from the NABU for about an hour before four of the RSB’s concerts, exploring one of the most beautiful philharmonic spheres in the world: Nature herself.

On the walk with bird experts you will be able to experience the world of birds in the Großer Tiergarten or in the Palace Gardens in Pankow: an opportunity to listen and to be astonished. Assuming some luck, it will be possible to see and hear e.g. nightingales, sparrows and wild geese. The NABU bird experts will help visitors to spot and indentify the birds, providing interesting additional information about the animals’ way of life as well as the dangers to which they are exposed. They will also endeavour to answer visitors’ questions.

What should I bring along?

  • Solid shoes or shoes to change into
  • Binoculars or opera glasses
    (Some binoculars will also be available on loan.)

Tickets for the walk

  • 10 €
  • Up to 30 concert visitors can participate.
  • Tickets are allocated to date of booking being received.

To reserve your ticket by telephone,
please ring +49 (0) 30 203 987 15
or by emailing:

Exclusive to our Subscribers
Music in Nature

As an RSB subscriber and early riser, you also have the opportunity to join a three-hour birdsong excursion inside the city of Berlin together with Prof. Dr. Hans-Joachim Pflüger from the FU Berlin.
He will explain to a group of maximum 20 interested individuals the biological significance of birdsong, the various bird species, and the aesthetic aspects that have inspired composers to engage repeatedly with birdsong in their works.

Further information and a chance to book will be sent to RSB subscribers shortly in their personal newsletter.