For day-care Groups

Day-care group © Kai Bienert

In the 2019/2020 season, day-care groups can apply for a Rapauke subscription for the third time. The performances will take place on three dates in the KinderKünste-Zentrum in Neukölln and once in the Kulturhaus Alte Feuerwache in Friedrichshain, always on Friday in the morning. Prerequisite for the application is that the group is looked after by a music-oriented educator who is willing to prepare the children for the visit to concert. It is about rehearsing songs and movements with the music and small tinkering activities. The required material will be provided by the RSB.

The four concerts of the day-care series “Rapauke macht Musik” build on each other in terms of content and are therefore available as a subscription series for € 12 per child.

For all subscribers, there is also the opportunity to participate in the Rapauke-finale. Information about this can be obtained from Isabel Stegner, to whom you can also apply for the subscriptions (for contact info, see below).

Appointments every Friday at 9.30 & 11 am

Rapauke meets an architect
25 October 2019
KinderKünsteZentrum Berlin

Rapauke meets a night watchman
29 November 2019
KinderKünsteZentrum Berlin

Rapauke meets a composer
10. January 2020
Kulturzentrum „Alte Feuerwache“

Rapauke meets a spider researcher
13 March 2020
KinderKünsteZentrum Berlin


If interested, you can also book:

Rapauke-Finale: Rapauke meets a conductor

10 May 2020
Sunday, 3 pm
Haus des Rundfunks Berlin

Musical education for the RSB

Isabel Stegner
tel 0151 206 526 25

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