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Sponsor’s orchestra of the RSB circle of friends

The “cappella academica” was founded in 1966 by music-loving academics of the Humboldt University of Berlin, making it the most traditional orchestra of the university. For decades, it has maintained close cooperation with members of the Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin. This led to the assumption of a sponsorship for the “cappella academica” by the friends and supporters of the RSB over fifteen years ago.

Since fall 2014, approximately 75 musicians – students of all disciplines, graduates of the HU, professors, doctors, staff of scientific institutions and other music-loving amateurs – have been working under the artistic direction of Christiane Silber, who is the lead player of the viola section in the RSB. Other musicians of the RSB supervise the work of the individual sections in the run-up to the big symphony concert each semester. Their instructions on technique and interpretation, their great enthusiasm for the rehearsal work, as well as contacts to soloists and help with the provision of sheet music are invaluable to the “cappella academica”.

Thanks to the continued support by the RSB and their circle of friends, the repertoire of the orchestra can be steadily expanded, encompassing works from the baroque to the 21st century, wherein commissioned compositions also perform in the world premiere. The exchange with other university orchestras has already taken the “cappella academica” on concert tours to Finland, Spain, France, Poland, Italy, and the Netherlands. Members of the Deutsche Streicherphilharmonie (DSP), the sponsor’s orchestra of the RSB, performed several times as soloists in the ensemble’s traditional Christmas concerts.

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