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With regard to the seasonal theme “boundless”, the RSB cooperates with the Bündnis der Bürgerstiftungen Deutschlands in the 2019/2020 season. In joint events, attention will be drawn to three community foundations and their work and commitment as examples.

“We see the partnership with the Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin as a beautiful enrichment. Since our different areas of work are based on similar concerns and a common understanding of values, we can complement each other perfectly in our collaboration!“(Ulrike Reichart, Head of the Bündnis der Bürgerstiftungen Deutschlands)

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Bündnis der Bürgerstiftungen Deutschlands as the season’s partner

Community foundations have existed in Germany for over 20 years. They are thus a comparatively young foundation model, at the same time the fastest growing foundation segment and the type of foundation with the largest number of donors. In Germany, more than 400 community foundations engage around 30,000 people with money, time, and ideas for their city, ward or region.

Their independence lends them a high degree of social acceptance. At the beginning of 2019, they were awarded the Deutsche Stifterpreis (German Donors’ Award) and thus their commitment to civil society and democracy was recognised.

Community foundations set up their own projects and support others. They are conceivably diverse: Education and upbringing, art and culture, work with youth and senior citizens, integration and help for refugees, nature conservation, etc. are among their self-chosen tasks. The foundations are not reserved for the wealthy alone in this respect. In addition to donations, the donated time, ideas, and commitment are the real assets of the community foundations.

Bündnis der Bürgerstiftungen Deutschlands (BBD) represents their interests nationwide. It supports foundations with numerous opportunities of networking and continuing education as well as international exchange and partner programmes in order to strengthen their role as local experts and contact points for civic involvement. The Berlin office is available to community foundations, start-up initiatives, and individuals as contact persons.

Our cooperation

Also, for the Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin (RSB), the sense of responsibility, will to shape things, and living interconnectedness in diversity form the basis of their work. These values ​​are a prerequisite for a cosmopolitan cultural institution and are underlined by the partnership with the alliance of community foundations. The members of the RSB know that not only the musical education of a society is crucial for their core business, but that – set much earlier – the general social degree of cosmopolitanism, diversity, and involvement that requires the appreciation of cultural institutions. The cooperation with the BBD ideally fits the goal of the RSB to also play a role as an important cultural bearer in shaping the society beyond the musical activity.

All information on joint campaigns will follow from August 2019 onwards.

Three community foundations will be presented

You want to encourage good things together?

Civic engagement is an indispensable value for a democratic community and a society promoting solidarity. Whether with money, time, or ideas – everyone can make a difference in a community foundation. Please feel free to contact the Bündnis der Bürgerstiftungen Deutschlands team to learn how you can get involved locally.

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