The spirit of discovery

The programmes for the 2020/2021 season are presented in full vibrant colour. The cover reveals portraits of nine composers to arouse your curiosity and your spirit of discovery. A “profile picture” can reveal and conceal intriguing details about a person – similarly, the music we wish to share with you invites us on a treasure hunt that can lead us away from epochs, borders and old habits to new, undreamt-of riches. Do you want to take part in the search of the unheard and unheard-of? The prize is yours to claim.

Musical encounters

You can look forward to the musical encounters that you have long been awaiting – and others that you were perhaps not expecting. Igor Stravinsky occupies a prominent place in the RSB’s repertoire this season. We commemorate the 50th anniversary of the death of the Russian cosmopolitan on 6th April 2021 by putting the three great ballet pieces and numerous other compositions into exciting contexts. Several works of Alfred Schnittke reveal fascinating insights into his art. The quantitatively small but musically all the more valuable oeuvre of Anton Webern remains close to our hearts. And lest we forget to honour Astor Piazzolla on his 100th birthday. This does not mean doing away with the familiar works of Bach, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms, Schubert, Tchaikovsky, Smetana, Dvořák or Strauss; quite the opposite. It is often through unusual mixtures that we clear our mind and ears for truly unheard-of discoveries in the seemingly familiar.

RSB is spreading out

Our Principal Guest Conductor Karina Canellakis will continue her collaboration with the RSB in 2020/2021 and allow special musical experiences to unfold. Other interesting guest conductors and a whole list of inspiring soloist personalities promise impressive concert experiences. The RSB, traditionally based in Berlin’s Philharmonie, Konzerthaus and Sendesaal (broadcasting hall), is spreading out like never before: into the city, to the countryside, into the media. To ignite, like brilliant fireworks; to amaze, to please – this is what awaits you during a week in March 2021, in which the orchestra “swarms” into the city, with a myriad of encounters in the most diverse locations all over Berlin.

Music opens up boundless new dimensions. Our thoughts, dreams, expectations, desires and emotions take flight within. Fly with us, dear music lovers – we look forward to seeing you!

You will find the diverse programme of the RSB at a glance in our concert calendar.

Chief Conductor and Principal Guest Conductor

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