Every year, the Education Team of the RSB offers workshops for school classes in connection with selected concerts: here, pupils of different age groups can explore the musical works creatively and in depth under the supervision of orchestra musicians. The outcome of this project work is then presented within the broader context of the concert performance.

“At home in two worlds”

How do people feel when they are forced to leave the world they know? If they are catapulted into a new, unfamiliar environment, where they struggle to feel at home? When they leave their friends behind unwillingly, but then find new ones? Where are they “at home” then? This question is posed not only by “Babar the little elephant”, whose story is the focus of our concerts for families and schoolchildren in February; many people are also currently facing the same challenge, having been forced to leave behind their homes as refugees.

In their project “At home in two worlds”, therefore, the RSB musicians invite elementary school classes, expressly including “welcome classes”, to explore the story of Babar as set to music by Francis Poulenc in workshops in advance of the concerts. Every class will be accompanied by a sponsoring musician and will take an active part in the concerts on 17th and 18th February 2017.

“At home in two worlds” is being supported financially by the Berliner Kulturfonds Kulturelle Bildung.

Information and registration:

Isabel Stegner
Music outreach for the RSB
+49 (0) 151 20 652 625

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